Application of walnut shell filter material in car wash wastewater recycling

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What is the background of car wash wastewater recycling treatment?

With the rising price of water in the car wash industry in various cities in recent years, various car wash wastewater treatment technologies of different principles are widely used in the car wash industry. Among these technologies, the treatment cost of "coagulation sedimentation + filtration + adsorption" is the lowest, but the management of such products on the market is troublesome, and the effluent water quality is not up to standard.


Application of walnut shell filter material in car wash wastewater recycling


The wastewater treatment and reuse system can realize the automatic control of the car wash wastewater treatment and reuse, the water quality is stable, the cost is low, and the operation is unmanned.


A car wash wastewater treatment reuse system, comprising a pretreatment device connected to a sewage pump for removing mixed impurities, particulate matter or fibers in the car wash wastewater; and a dosing control device for controlling the rate of the drug added to the reactor And the amount; the flat-folding plate reactor is respectively connected to the above-mentioned pretreatment device and the dosing control device, and is used for providing a container for reacting sewage with the medicament; and for preparing a coagulation sedimentation tank for discharging sewage from the flat-fold plate reactor The coagulation sedimentation tank is connected to a water storage tank for storing the sewage after sedimentation;


A bottom valve and a liquid level controller are respectively disposed in the water storage bucket, and an emptying valve is installed at the bottom of the outer wall of the water storage bucket. The filtering device comprises a filter, a carbon filter, a fine filter and an ultrafilter connected in sequence; one side of the ultrafilter is connected with a concentrated water panel rotameter with flow regulation, and a water purification panel rotameter with flow regulation. And the concentrated water reflux regulating valve, the concentrated water part of the ultrafilter is returned to the water storage tank. The lower side of the filter and the carbon filter are provided with a discharge port for replacing the filter material. The filter uses a walnut shell filter material; the charcoal filter uses a coconut shell activated carbon.


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