Comprehensive utilization of walnut shells

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   According to analysis, each 100g of walnut shell contains 0.663g of ash, 9.59g of water, 3.71g of phenyl alcohol extract, 38.05g of lignin, 30.88g of cellulose, and 27.26g of hemicellulose. In the past, walnuts were sold as dried fruits, and their shells were difficult to recycle. Nowadays, many walnuts have been processed and processed, and a large number of concentrated walnut shells have been discarded or burned, resulting in great waste of resources. Therefore, strengthening the comprehensive utilization of walnut shells, avoiding the waste of walnut shell resources, and producing high value-added products can not only effectively treat solid waste, but also turn waste into treasure and increase economic income.


    The production of activated carbon is mainly due to the chemical composition of the walnut shell, and the activated carbon is a carbonaceous material having a developed pore structure, a large specific surface area and excellent adsorption properties. Waterworks, sewage treatment plants, pure water plants, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, food plants, citric acid plants, starch plants, solvent plants, vinylon plants, fuel plants, restaurants, households, etc. all need high quality activated carbon to complete their products. Processes such as filtration, adsorption, separation or decolorization. With the rapid development of the economy, China's demand for activated carbon is growing, and the development and market prospects of activated carbon are very broad.

    The porphyrit shell was used as raw material to prepare amorphous granular activated carbon by steam activation. The test results show that the comprehensive yield of activated carbon is 12% to 16%. The activated carbon is mainly targeted at the decolorization power of methylene blue. The optimum activation temperature is 850 ° C ~ 950 ° C, and the optimal activation time is 3 h ~ 4 h; if the iodine adsorption value is the main target, the optimal activation temperature is 950 ° C. The optimal activation time is 3h.


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