Filtration process of walnut shell filter

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Walnut shell filter has been used in the treatment of oily sewage in oil fields. So what is the general process of filter filtration? The following is a brief introduction of the walnut shell shell for how to filter the sewage under the walnut shell filter material!

The produced water is pressurized by the filter pump and filtered into the water inlet pipe. At the same time, it enters the core pick-up filter, and the water is evenly distributed through the stainless steel screen water distribution system inside the tank, and is filtered through a deep bed of walnut shell.


When the water passes through the filter layer, the suspended particles entrained by the water flow will be separated from the water flow line under certain physical factors and approach the surface of the filter material. Due to the adhesion between the suspended particles and the filter particles, a part of the suspended particles adhere to On the surface of the filter material, a part of the suspended particles will be carried by the water stream into the next layer of filter material, which is further trapped. Since there is a certain velocity gradient when the water flows through the filter layer, the suspended particles flowing along with the water flow can be separated from the surface of the filter particle by the flow stream, and the suspended particles are trapped by the layer, so as to reach a deep depth. The purpose of bed filtration.


The water filtered by the deep shell of the walnut shell is collected by a water collecting system composed of a plurality of different structural sieve plates at the lower head of the tank, and is discharged from the outlet pipe at the lower head, and the discharged water is filtered through the water outlet pipe. A water injection tank that flows into the ground.


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