Problems faced by walnut shell filter materials in oilfield wastewater treatment

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Problems faced by walnut shell filter materials in oilfield wastewater treatment

At present, most of China's oilfield development has adopted the method of water injection and reclamation. The second stage of the reclamation is divided into two times. The three times of oil are accompanied by a large amount of formation water. Some oilfields have carried out large-scale ternary compound flooding process technology, which has reached In the industrial application stage, the ternary composite flooding produced water is separated by oil desorption process, and the separated water contains alkali, solid suspended matter, polymer and surfactant to make the water treatment more difficult.

Why do you want to filter the wastewater in the oil field?

The comprehensive water content of China's oilfields is more than 85%, and the annual output of sewage is about 900 million m3. According to the oilfield regulations, these sewages can not only be discharged, but also be used as the main water source for water injection development oilfields. The separated sewage is pretreated. It must be deeply treated to meet the specified water quality standards before re-injection can be carried out to ensure the effect of water injection in the middle and low permeability oilfields in China. Therefore, the filter bed filter tank filter becomes the key to the advanced treatment of oily and polymer-containing wastewater in oil fields. .

Deficiencies of walnut shell filter materials in oilfield wastewater treatment

Walnut shell filter filter material is not clean, there are knots, agglomeration, backwash screen blockage, running material, filter tank inside the filter material dead angle, always stay in the tank, when the oil reaches a certain thickness, long-term operation The pressure of the device will increase, the filtering capacity will decrease, and the filter tank and components will be damaged. The filter material must be replaced, which will affect the service life and effect of the filter.


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