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Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
Comprehensive utilization of walnut shells
7  Nov, 2018

According to analysis, each 100g of walnut shell contains 0.663g of ash, 9.59g of water, 3.71g of phenyl alcohol extract, 38.05g of lignin, 30.88g of cellulose, and 27.26g of hemicellulose. ...

Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
High-efficiency degreasing walnut shell filter material
1  Nov, 2018

Walnut shell filter material has the characteristics of large specific surface area, large porosity, high compressive strength and oleophilic hydrophobicity, so it is widely used in the treatment of oily wastewater in oil fields....

Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
Problems faced by walnut shell filter materials in oilfield wastewater treatment
16  Oct, 2018

At present, most of China's oilfield development has adopted the method of water injection and reclamation. The second stage of the reclamation is divided into two times. The three times of oil are accompanied by a large amount of formation water. ...

Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
The Nutritional Ingredient of Walnut Kernel
18  Sep, 2018

Walnuts are all treasures: the phospholipids have a good health effect on the cranial nerves; the oleic acid and linolenic acid contained in the walnut oil are unsaturated fatty acids, which have the effect of preventing and treating arteriosclerosis....

Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
Chinese Paper Thin Walnut –Xinjiang 185
12  Sep, 2018

The paper-peel walnut is a new variety developed after years of breeding for thin-skinned walnuts. The varieties are much thinner than the thin-skinned walnuts. The most planted walnuts are Xinfeng and 185. However, some products of Xinfeng have not reached the paper. Leather standard....

Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
China International Tree Nuts Conference 2018
28  Aug, 2018

Chinese new crop will be start in September ,As the supplier of walnut kernel and walnut in shell ,hope we will be your best partner in China....

Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
Walnut shell power uses
12  Jul, 2018

Walnut shell powder users:walnut shell media is a soft abrasive material used in blasting,cosmetic and oil field industry.In oilfield industry walnut shell is used as loss circulation material in drilling and for filters....

Flour Mill|Reasons for Its Widespread Usage
Eat Walnut Kernel Benefits
11  Jul, 2018

WALNUT KERNEL BENEFITS:Helps weight loss, Induces sleep,Great for your hair,Prevents heart disease,Prevents diabetes,Boosts your sperm quality,Makes your skin glow…...


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